Denys Leighton is Faculty Coordinator, Project E-QUAL, Ambedkar University Delhi. His research and teaching interests center on: (1) history of political thought and political culture, with focus on the period since 1750; (2) history of philosophy, including Indian philosophy; and (3) world history of the modern and early modern eras. He is particularly interested in the phenomenon of secularization in relation to the formation of modernity. He earned a BA at the University of Virginia with majors in history and German language and literature. During that period he also studied at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität-Freiburg (Germany). He subsequently conducted postgraduate research at Oxford University and Washington University (USA), where he was awarded an MA and PhD in British and European history. He has received study and research fellowships from Washington University, the Max Kade Foundation and the Mellon Foundation.

He joined Ambedkar University Delhi in August 2009. He taught at colleges and universities in the USA before taking up visiting faculty positions at the University of Delhi (2003-7, 2008-9). He taught in the History Department of Tulane University (2007-8) before returning to India. Dr Leighton has worked as a freelance editor in the academic publishing business and has been associate editor and consultant editor for Mid-Atlantic Almanack and German Studies in India. He also writes book reviews and evaluates manuscripts for journals in the fields of history and philosophy. He has conducted several seminars for Centre for Professional Development in Higher Education (University of Delhi) and served on advisory committees for BA (Programme) course in History at the University of Delhi.