Supriya Chaudhuri is Faculty Coordinator, Project E-QUAL, Jadavpur University, and member, Joint Working Group in Critical Thinking and Knowledge Systems. She is Professor Emeritus, Department of English, and has served as Coordinator, Centre of Advanced Study, Head, Department of English, and Director, School of Languages and Linguistics. She was educated at Presidency College Calcutta and the University of Oxford, where she graduated with First Class Honours in English in 1975 and completed a DPhil in Renaissance English literature in 1981. She has held visiting appointments at the University of Cambridge, University of Paris, and University of Virginia, and has lectured at many universities in India and abroad. Her research specializations are Renaissance studies, critical theory, sport, cinema, translation, Indian cultural history and modernist studies. Recent publications include Conversations with Jacqueline Rose (co-authored: Seagull/Chicago, 2010); Petrarch: the Self and the World, edited with Sukanta Chaudhuri (JUP, 2012); and Sport, Literature, Society: Cultural Historical Studies, edited with Alexis Tadié and J.A. Mangan (Routledge, 2013). She has published extensively in international peer-reviewed journals and translated for the series Oxford Tagore Translations. She has an Oxford Half-Blue in badminton and a black belt (Shodan) in Kyokushinkaikan karate. Over the past few years, Supriya Chaudhuri has led a number of collaborative international projects, including the Leverhulme International Network on Commodities and Culture in the Colonial World, 1851-1914 (with King’s College London, New York University, Exeter University, University of Technology Sydney and Witwatersrand University: 2009-11) and the UGC-UKIERI Thematic Partnership on ‘Envisioning the Indian City’ (with Liverpool University: 2013-15). She has advised on national policy initiatives and written extensively about higher education in India. 


On Project E-QUAL 

Global changes in education require us to rethink the entire learning process itself. Our students are born into a digital age. They absorb information differently, with shorter attention spans but greater focus. They think laterally rather than vertically. Writing, print, and the arrival of the digital world constitute major ‘breaks’ with the human past and it is time for pedagogy to reflect the latest changes. In Project E-QUAL we take this reorientation of the learning process as a conceptual frame for our venture. The fields we have chosen represent an effort to transform the undergraduate curriculum from within by extending it into interdisciplinary fields and using new pedagogies. Project E-QUAL gives us the unique opportunity of experimenting with the materials and media of digital and technology enabled learning. 


A Book co-authored by Professor Supriya Chaudhuri on English Studies in Indian Higher Education has just been published by Routledge in July 2015. The book is called Reconsidering English Studies in Indian Higher Education and it is co-authored by Suman Gupta, Richard Allen, Subarno Chatterji and Supriya Chaudhuri. The book is a part of the series “Routledge Research In Higher Education” .


Here is the link to publishing details for the book: