Jonathan P. San Diego is Faculty Member, Project E-QUAL. He is a Senior Research Officer in Learning Technology and Haptics at King’s College London, United Kingdom. His main research interests are examining how representations influence cognition, reasoning and learning; which involves examining how interactions with computer-based representations can support strategies in teaching, learning and reasoning, and how new technologies affect students’ understanding and knowledge. He is building evidence to support this research by studying digital data and their impact on learning from haptic interactions; eye-movements; biometric and physiological measures; computer logs; and web and learning analytics. Jonathan has been involved with projects on haptics in education, including the award-winning hapTEL project (2007 to 2012) which focuses on enhancing learners’ 3D perceptions, manipulations and skills, and to relate these to concepts needed in learning clinical skills. Jonathan is also the Head of the KCL Dental Institute Informatics and Technology Enhanced Learning Hub. With his expertise in pedagogy, curriculum and learning design, Jonathan leads a team of leaning technologists who work closely with academic and professional services staff across King’ and offer support in the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of the Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle Platform), learning and teaching materials, tools and technologies associated with its usage. Their main activities include supporting the development of face-to-face, distance and blended-learning programmes.