K.C.James Raju is Faculty Member, Project E-QUAL, University of Hyderabad. He obtained his M.Sc in Physics from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala and Ph.D in Physics from IIT, Chennai in 1996. His Ph.D is in the field of Materials for Microwave Applications. He joined University of Hyderabad in 1996 as a faculty member in the Electronics Program of School of Physics. He is involved in initiating the following courses at University of Hyderabad: M.Sc. Tech (Electronics), M.Tech (Integrated Circuits Tech) and Ph.D (Electronic Science). His research interests are in the area of ferroelectrics, thin films for microwave applications, low loss materials, MEMS, microwave range measurement techniques and nano electronic materials. Recently he got actively involved in issues related to management of E-Waste and RF pollution.